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Interview at Breakdown // Breakthrough

January 27, 2022

Do the thing!

The JMC Aggregate Podcast

July 14, 2021

“Episode #1 w/ Abbie from Mars”

Nice conversation in advance of my first show about the element of surprise, not being a musician, and DANCING!

On Craft & Process

Princeton Arts Alumni

April 12, 2021


Quick piece I wrote on the satisfaction of a physical art-making process, particularly during pandemic lockdown.

So I’ve been asking myself: how do I balance the polish of seated, steady work (which may often take place in front of a computer) with the energy of a more physical, spontaneous process? When is it right to eliminate the digital middleman completely? And how do I pull work most directly from my body-mind?

Berkshire Fine Arts

February 24, 2020

“Princeton Atelier at National Sawdust: Humanizing Electronic Sound”

Abbie… concluded the evening, live processing her taps, executed from sea green shoes.  The precedence of percussion in contemporary music is made clear in her performance. She is the instrument and composer as she taps.  She is very funny.  [She] also has an uncanny sense of rhythm, which both delights and jars as she “beats” her work.

Bandcamp Daily

September 25, 2018

“Better Know a College Radio Station: Princeton University’s WPRB”

Experiment! Play multiple tracks at the same time. Read poetry over bird sounds and gritty noise. Bring in objects that make interesting sounds. Shout into the microphone in the middle of a song. Create a character one day. Make sense—or don’t. Just keep your listeners on their toes.