(etymology: arson + ursonate)

Be having a hello,

I make music, radio, and conceptual performance works. I also tap dance and take photos at shows.

This is my site !


Abbie is from Mars (ask for details). Now based in New York City, she makes and performs experimental pop music with a penchant for improvisation, noise, and performance art. Her act is unique for incorporating tap dance with live processing in Max/MSP between raw, impassioned, highly physical performances of her songs. A champion of the underground, Abbie is the host of RadioActivity, a weekly radio show at freeform station WFMU.

Abbie has performed across¬†NYC venues and DIY spaces (Trans-Pecos, TV Eye, Union Pool, Rubulad, Purgatory, The Broadway, Wonderville, Windjammer, Chaos Computer) as well as at cultural institutions (Joe’s Pub, a Program of the Public Theater; National Sawdust). She graduated in 2020 from Princeton University, where she studied History and Creative Writing and was a member of PLOrk (the Princeton Laptop Orchestra) and Program Director at WPRB.¬†



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