(etymology: arson + ursonate)

Be having a hello,

I make music, radio, and conceptual performance works. I also tap dance and take photos at shows.

This is my site !


Abbie is from Mars (PA). Now based in New York City, she makes and performs experimental pop music with a penchant for improvisation, noise, and performance art. Her act is unique for incorporating tap dance with live processing in Max/MSP between raw, impassioned, highly physical performances of her songs. A champion of the underground, Abbie is the host of RadioActivity, a weekly radio show at freeform station WFMU.

Abbie performs regularly across NYC venues and DIY spaces and has also played cities in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. She has performed at cultural institutions including Stanford University’s CCRMA Stage; Joe’s Pub, a Program of The Public Theater; and National Sawdust. She graduated in 2020 from Princeton University, where she studied History and Creative Writing and was a member of PLOrk (the Princeton Laptop Orchestra) and Program Director at WPRB.

Abbie has created several conceptual performance works that explore the liminal spaces between established formats. In recent months, Abbie devised and led The WOAH! Factor, a mock business seminar held in Midtown, where experimental musicians incorporated live music into PowerPoint presentations, woven together by absurdist improv theater. The Abbie From Mars Album Release Experience of June 2022 was an interactive installation and “tour of your mind,” where attendees responded to self-reflective questions for use in a culminating musical performance.



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